This past weekend we mourned. Today we fight.

September 21, 2020

This past weekend we mourned, cried, and sent virtual grief hugs to our staff, volunteers, board, and our community due to the passing of iconic shero, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Today we fight. As we continue wiping these tears from our faces and sending condolences to Justice Ginsberg’s family and our nation, we are reminded of Justice Ginsburg’s message in her final days ” My most fervent wish Is that I not be replaced until a new President Is installed”.
~Naya Diaz, Executive Director, YWCA Greater Austin

In honor of Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s legacy and the enormous impact she had on gender equity and civil liberties we must continue to fight. YWCA Greater Austin, alongside our YWCA sister sites, community partners, and thousands of constituents is committed to making her final wish a reality.  We also honor her fundamental belief “Women belong in all places where decisions are made.”

As Justice Ginsburg once said, “real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.” Take a step with us. Urge the Senate to allow the next President, whoever that may be, to fill the supreme court justice  vacancy in January and to use this time to focus on providing relief to nonprofits and to Americans who are still struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Faxing and sending letters is the best way to contact a senator if you are not their constituents. For your representatives, you may be able to send letters through their websites. When we use our voices for justice, to create a more equitable world, enduring change will happen. Just like Justice Ginsburg did every day of her life, YWCAs across the country will continue to get up and do the work of justice, UNTIL JUSTICE JUST IS. 

Honor Justice Ginsburg’s Legacy: Demand the vacancy to be filled after the January 2021 inauguration.

But now with a seat on the highest court of the land vacant and voting already underway across the nation, our highest principles of justice, fairness and integrity in the nomination process are in jeopardy. Each presidential administration, despite their party affiliation, must be held to the same standards and rules for filling a Supreme Court vacancy. As constituents, this is the process and values we expect and demand!

TELL YOUR SENATORS: The next president, whoever that may be, must fill this vacancy in January 2021! 

The Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter of our most cherished and constitutionally-protected rights, and the process for filling a vacancy on that court must be undertaken in accordance with transparency and equal application of the rules. Join us and tell your Senator we must allow the next president to fill the Supreme Court vacancy after the January 2021 inauguration!  

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