Women DEMAND ACTION: Register to vote by October 11 then Get Out and Vote!

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On June 28, 1919, the Texas legislature approved a resolution ratifying the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote making Texas the ninth state in the U.S. and the first state in the South to ratify the amendment. Throughout the years we have seen many changes and new challenges for women. This year, with the 2022 midterm elections, the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is set to play a vital role in women’s candidate decisions.

The very issue of abortion could be what drives women to the polls in record numbers. “Tom Bonier — a Democratic strategist and CEO of TargetSmart, a data and polling firm — says a “Roe wave” of new women voters, fired up by the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, could swamp GOP hopes of a red wave in November’s midterms.”[i] Further, Bonier goes on to say, “In my 28 years analyzing elections, I’ve never seen anything like what’s happened in the past two months in American politics: Women are registering to vote in numbers I’ve never witnessed.”[ii] Axios Austin goes onto Report that “More than 309,000 Texans either registered for the first time or updated their voter registration in the roughly two months between when the Dobbs decision came down and late August…..Just under half of those were women.”[iii] In record numbers we see women registering to vote with many being first time voters. We, women, are paying attention to what is happening around us and the younger generations are learning that their voice has power.

This year, with the 2022 midterm elections fast approaching, YWCA USA launched the YWomenVote 2022 campaign which explores women’s economic, health, gender-based violence, workplace equity, and racial justice concerns and priorities. Through research the findings provide a blueprint for Congress, policymakers, and candidates up and down the ballot to take action on the issues most critical to women. (To access the research brief click here.) This report also includes an in-depth analysis of the concerns and priorities of women of color, Millennial and Generation Z women, and women across party lines. This allows people to see where women stand and learn what the most important issues are to women.

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Women are and have always been a driving force in elections. In the 2022 midterms there is no sign of this changing. There is so much ghat is at stake for women and their families that women in the U.S. want, need, deserve, and DEMAND ACTION. It is important to be ready for November 8th as many of the issues we, women, care about will be decided in our backyards: In our state legislatures, in mayors’ and governors’ offices, and more.

In the November midterm elections, it is important to vote and use the power given to us by countless people who came before us. Their struggles should not go in vain. There are many ways in which we can continue their fight today. These include

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  1. Become a VDR (Voter Deputy Registrar) and register people to vote: A Volunteer Deputy Registrar or VDR is a volunteer trained and appointed by the county voter registrar to register voters in the county where they are appointed. Duties of a VDR include providing applicants registration applications to voters, assisting applicants in completing their voter registration application, accepting and reviewing completed voter registration applications and giving applicants their receipts. Click here to learn more and register for trainings.
  2. Encourage your friends to vote
  3. Use your social platforms to push out the topics, candidates, and policies important to you.
  4. Check to see if your registered to vote: Click here to check!
  5. Find a VDR and register. Remember to change you address if you’ve moved. The last day to register to vote in Texas is October 11, 2022 (either in person or postmarked by the date).

Most importantly, create an action plan for voting. You can find one outlined by YWCA by clicking here. Develop a plan to vote, learn about what is on the ballot and the election process in your state. To see Texas’ election website click here. If you need helping to understand the ballot visit the League of Women Voters Austin website to see their nonpartisan voter guide. You can access it here.

The one thing to remember this November is to VOTE! Honor those who fought for you to have this power. #YWomenVote

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