An Update from YWCAGreater Austin

Thank you for changing lives and strengthening our community. Today, we find ourselves again on the front lines as the Covid-19 pandemic has touched us all. Covid-19 represents a new and additional disparity that sits atop the already existing mental health and social justice issues that have been at the heart of our organizational mission for over 100 years.
During this crisis, many Austin social services programs have had to eliminate or pause their hotlines and are re-directing those calls to YWCA Greater Austin. We are in this fight, by your side here in Central Texas.

The City of Austin has included us in their city-wide shelter in home mandate as First Responders. Why does this matter? As our community confronts the impact shaping up through Covid-19, the social and economic disparities are highlighted by insufficient health care, internet deserts, food scarcity, job loss, as well as a conscripted workforce.

YWCA Greater Austin understands that meeting basic human needs, including food, shelter, mental and medical care, are key to the well-being of the community and a determinant to survival.

We want you to know, YWCA Greater Austin remains steadfast in our commitment to provide service to those most in need.   

Steps we have taken:

  • Expanded Tele-mental Health Services to provide multicultural and linguistically appropriate trauma-informed mental health therapy remotely.
  • Increased Scope of Care Coordination for current and new clients.
  • Transitioned all Training Online including CEU’s, mental health, professional / personal development, and social justice.
  • Expanded our General Phone Line to include an Early Intervention Warmline (512-326-1222) to address the dramatic volume and broader range of calls. This FREE Warmline service will ensure that all callers are responded to and placed with the right resource even if it falls outside our service area.

You can help us in this fight. Donate below or Volunteer for our peer-to-peer Early Intervention Warmline. For volunteer opportunities, please email our Volunteer and Education Coordinator at

We are planning ahead so we can adapt our services and be ready to respond to the needs of our community as we emerge and rebuild after the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

For all of us, this is a time of tremendous uncertainty and it will require everyone to come together to protect the most vulnerable members of our communities.

We are grateful to our friends and partners for your work and for your support during this unprecedented time.

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