Mindfulness Through Art When the mind is at peace and given space to wonder, beautiful things can result. There may be painting and/or other messy mediums involved so please wear or bring comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting a little messy. This workshop will incorporate simple mindfulness and art practices to promote relaxation and creativity.
Culture Shock This training will provide an overview of culture shock and help service providers understand and learn to support clients in the four distinct phases and manifestations thereof: honeymoon, negotiation, adjustment, and adaptation.
Opening Up the Dialogue This workshop serves as an opportunity for people to begin to embrace a culture of openness and thoughtful conversations around difficult subjects. People often have difficulty discussing issues associated with the "elephant in the room." It can be challenging to bring up differences in age, ethnicity, and/or experiences related to social/systemic oppression, social justice, and intersectionality. Special consideration is given to organizational dynamics, worker/client relationships, and self-awareness. The YWCA Greater Austin believes that the best way to handle a difficult subject is through open, honest, productive conversations with many voices in the room. The workshop will involve experiential exercises, group interactions, and large group discussion.
Oppression in the Session A focus on public policy change is crucial in addressing structural racism and sexism. The possibility for change is always present. Understanding which values touch constituencies and how to define those in ways that build momentum is necessary to ensure that our democracy is defined in ways that benefit all.